• We pride ourselves on being a small, private, Catholic engineering school with a personal touch, thanks to our dedication to teaching, our small class sizes, low student-to-teacher ratio, and close interaction between faculty and students. All full-time faculty members hold doctoral degrees and are prolific in funded research and publications.
  • Catholic University Engineering is known nationally and internationally as a high-quality research institution with proven record of leadership and accomplishment in a variety of research areas. 
  • The school is recognized locally and internationally for the quality and relevance of its professional programs. 
  • In 2016, the School of Engineering at Catholic University was one of the first schools in the nation to be approved by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) as a NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) School. Ours is the only GCSP school in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Catholic University's School of Engineering is distinguished by its teaching and research excellence, ethical character development, emphasis on service, and location in the capital of the United States of America.

  • Excellence

    We have a rich history and culture of engineering excellence that is fueled by our passion for teaching, research, service, and innovation.  Our faculty, staff, and students have a passion for changing the world, expanding human knowledge, and sharing technical expertise to develop tomorrow’s technology for the benefit of all humanity. Our faculty and students are active in externally funded research, sponsored by industry partners, private foundations, and government agencies such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, NASA, and various Department of Defense organizations. We have embarked on cutting-edge programs, including a new initiative on Climate Change inspired by Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter “Laudato Sí”, and participation in the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges Scholars Program, which will prepare our top Catholic University engineers to lead our country through the development of innovative technologies. In our quest to change the world, we partner with universities around the world to enhance global awareness in our students while fostering an invaluable international exchange in research.

  • Ethical Character Development

    Our faculty and staff believe that it is important to develop each student’s ethical character while providing a strong engineering education. We strive to enrich the character of our students with ethical and moral values which include honesty, integrity, prudence, justice, love, care, and compassion, respect for human dignity, service, forgiveness, peace, and environmental stewardship. Our educators strive to be role models for our students, and expect them to be role models for others throughout their careers. Courses in fundamentals such as mathematics, science, engineering theory, hands-on engineering laboratory and design courses are combined with a strong liberal arts base with courses in philosophy, theology, and ethics rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

  • Caring Service

    Our students care for one another and for others less fortunate – we foster an academic culture of collaboration and cooperation rather than competition, and promote service to others within the school and University, in the community, and around the world. Capstone design projects integrate topics addressed throughout undergraduate studies in engineering, and allow students to work collaboratively in teams to design solutions to improve life for others. Students engage in and lead local and international service opportunities, including Engineers Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, mission trips organized by Campus Ministry, and countless other ways.

  • Location in the Nation’s Capital

    Our graduate and undergraduate programs and our faculty research capitalize on our location in Washington, D.C., and our many connections across the region and around the globe. Through our connections and affiliations with industry, government, and non-profit organizations, we help shape the technological and scientific agenda of the future in our nation’s capital. Our students and faculty have a global focus, sharing cultures and ideas from throughout the world, and engineering solutions to problems affecting all humanity.  We make connections for our students to support their career goals through internships and career placement, professional development and advancement, and research collaborations and opportunities.