EE 515 – Advanced Digital Signal Processing; 3 credit hours

This course examines the properties of signals and systems, sampling, data acquisition, Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT), Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), Z-transform theory, spectral analysis, digital filter design and discrete transforms.  Practical applications of digital signal processing will be emphasized with a number of hands on MATLAB Programming exercises.

CMGT 572 Org. Theory and Behavior; 3 credit hours (For Syst. Eng. Mgmt. Cert.) 

This course develops organizational behavior knowledge, skills, and abilities by focusing on four key areas:

Part 1: Introduction and Ethical Foundations

Part 2: The Individual in Organizations

Part 3: Leadership and Team Behaviors

Part 4: The Organization

ENGR 518 Experimental Techniques for Graduate Students; 3 credit hours

This course introduces students to the different aspects of experimental research in engineering. The course will cover fundamental issues such as: planning and design of an experimental campaign, laboratory safety, data acquisition and signal processing. State-of-the-art experimental techniques in different areas of engineering research will also be presented, with focus on modern, non-intrusive, laser-based measurement methods. The goal is provide students with the knowledge required to plan, design and conduct an experimental campaign, which they can eventually apply to their own research efforts