ME 585: Machine Vision and Imaging Techniques; 3 credit hours


ENGR 505: Optical Waveguides; 3 credit hours

Light propagation in slab, cylindrical, and rectangular wave guides. Signal dispersion and attenuation in optical fibers. Perturbation and effective index techniques will be also discussed. Coupled mode theory and its applications as well as Beam propagation method (BPM) will be introduced.

CMGT 505 Decision Analysis; 3 credit hours

Introduces decision analysis, which is a quantitative decision-making technique for systematic evaluation of alternative courses of action under conditions of uncertainty. Complex decision problems are decomposed into separable components for analysis. The decision maker's perceptions of options, future states of nature, probabilities and utilities for various options are determined explicitly. Topics include the fundamentals of probability theory, decision trees, expected monetary values, utility theory, sampling, and risk sharing.