EE561 - Random Signal Analysis; 3 credit hours

Mathematical techniques for analysis and measurement of random signals and processes needed as a foundation for work in radar/sonar, communication theory, or detection, and estimation.  Probability; random variables; correlation functions and power spectra stationarity, ergodicity; linear and nonlinear systems with random inputs.  Each part of the course includes computer exercises using MATLAB performed by the student to demonstrate and reinforce the concepts learned in the class. 

CMGT 580 Intro. to Systems Engineering Mgmt.; 3 credits-(Syst. Eng. Mgmt. Certificate)

This course will develop the student's understanding of the basics of systems engineering management through the life cycle of a system, the evolution of systems engineering and how it relates to program management, and to recognize its application in real situations and develop technical management solutions based on systems engineering principles. The course will consist of lecture, discussion, practical exercises, case studies, independent research and student presentations. Class discussion will require each student to participate in the presentation of the course material by sharing their understanding and interpretation.