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    Dr. Laura Micheli joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an Assistant Professor in August 2019. She received her Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and her Master degree in Structural Engineering (summa cum laudem) from the University of Perugia, Italy, in 2012 and 2015, respectively. In 2019, Dr. Micheli received a Ph.D. in Intelligent Infrastructure Engineering from Iowa State University, with a dissertation on life-cycle cost analysis and uncertainty quantification of civil structures equipped with motion control systems. She also received a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University in 2018. Dr. Micheli’s research interests include smart systems and structures, life-cycle cost analysis, risk assessment, damping devices, surrogate models, data-driven models, and structural health monitoring.


    Representative Publications

    Micheli, L., and Laflamme, S., “ Kriging-Based Design for Robust High-Performance Control Systems" 2020. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty Part A: Civil Engineering. Featured as Editor's Choice

    Micheli, L., Alipour, A., and Laflamme, S., "Multiple-Surrogate Model for Probabilistic Performance Assessment of Wind-Excited Tall Buildings under Uncertainties" 2020. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty Part A: Civil Engineering.

    Micheli, L., Hong, J., Laflamme, S., and Alipour, A., “ Surrogate Models for High-Performance Control Systems in Wind-excited Tall Building" 2020. Applied Soft Computing.

    Micheli, L., Cao, L., Laflamme, S., and Alipour, A. “Life Cycle Cost Evaluation Strategy for High-Performance Control Systems under Uncertainties" 2020. Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

    Micheli, L., Alipour, A., Laflamme, S., and Sarkar, P.P. “Performance-Based Design with Life-Cycle Cost Assessment for Damping Systems Integrated in Wind-Excited Tall Buildings " 2019. Engineering Structures.


    Recent Awards

    Structures Congress 2020: SEI Young Professional Scholarship Award, St. Louis, MO (2020)

    NHERI Summer Institute: Award for NSF Best Proposal, San Antonio, TX (2019)

    Iowa State University: Honoree for the Women in STEM Initiative, Ames, IA (2019)