Bradley Taylor


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  • Computer Security
  • Control Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Complex Systems
  • Knowledge Management
  • Learning Machines
  • Information Disambiguation
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    Dr. Taylor joined the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2017 as a visiting assistant professor. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Nuclear Power School, Taylor served aboard several submarines and a project engineer and operations and plant manager for the Navy's submarine fleet. He worked as a controls engineer and consultant in private industry for several years, with experience in critical infrastructure plants. He has previous teaching experience at the U.S. Naval Academy, George Washington University, NSWC Indian Head, and the University of the District of Columbia.

    Representative Publications

    Taylor, B., “Towards Automating Inter-Organizational Workflow Semantic Resolution” GWU (2015) 132 pp.

    Taylor, B. & S. Rotenstreich, “Towards Automating Inter-Organizational Workflow Semantic ResolutionInternational Conf. on Services Computing (IEEE/SCC) (2015) p. 777-781.

    Taylor, B., “Variable Validation at Time of Compilation” GWU (2003) 117 pp.

    Taylor, B. & S. Muftic, “Remote Method Security in a Distributed Processing Architecture Supporting Generic Security Objects” Proceedings of Instrumentation, Systems & Automation in the Power Industry San Diego, CA, ISA (2002), vol. 45, CD, 15 pp.

    Taylor, B., “Research and Design Project: Optimization of Pollution Abatement Costs and Benefits” USNA (1980) 153 pp.