Strategic Plan


To discover and impart the truth through excellence in engineering teaching, research, and service while providing a personalized and caring environment in which faculty, staff, and students realize their full potential. 


The Catholic University of America’s School of Engineering attracts people who care. Our students learn and grow in an environment where faculty, staff, and fellow students care about not just academic success but about one another as persons, and about the challenges facing humanity in an ever-more connected and complex world. The past century has seen a tremendous growth in technology, bringing huge improvements in the human condition but also bringing dangers and unforeseen consequences, as our ability to affect one another and our world becomes magnified by scientific progress and technical innovation. For humanity to flourish in the 21st century, tomorrow’s leaders will need to understand not only how to solve technical problems, but how to see those problems in broad context, and how to think deeply about the moral, ethical, and social issues that relate to technological advances. The Catholic University of America School of Engineering cultivates minds that are motivated to place analytical and technical knowledge at the service of others, and create engineering solutions to problems and new ways of thinking for the common good.  Our efforts reflect Pope Francis’s call for sustainable development that honors the dignity of each person and embraces our responsibility to care for one another and for the world that is our common home.

Strategic Goals

  1. Distinction. The school will highlight and strengthen its distinct nature as the engineering school with teaching and research excellence, ethical character development, emphasis on service to others, and the advantages of location in the capital of the United States of America.
  2. Prosperity. The school will achieve prosperity by expanding and strengthening existing programs and establishing unique and timely new programs that serve the region, nation, and world with superior technical competence, and which incorporate moral and ethical values and prepare future servant leaders.
  3. Opportunity. The school will provide exceptional opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to realize their full potential.

The School of Engineering Strategic Plan 2022, approved by the faculty in September 2017, lays out 18 objectives that support these three strategic goals. The strategic plan is a living document that will be revised as warranted to address changing conditions and new opportunities for the School of Engineering.