Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions



Engineering Pre-College Programs

In Summer 2024, we are excited to offer two engineering summer institutes: the Engineering New Frontiers Institute, which offers content in each of the engineering disciplines (biomedical, mechanical, electrical, civil, and computer science); and the Computational Biosciences Institute.


Engineering New Frontiers Institute: July 22nd - July 26th

This experience for high school students is a weeklong, residential academic summer course for high schoolers, intended for students entering junior and senior years. The Institute will feature modern laboratory exercises, engineering design workshops, coding bootcamps, and prototyping work taught by expert faculty, as well as entertainment, cultural, and technical experiences in the DC area.

Cost for the summer camp is $995. Request more information


Computational Biosciences Institute: July 8th - July 17th

This experience is for rising high school juniors and seniors interested in computer science and biomedical engineering. It is a 10-day residential, graded academic summer course. The Institute will feature intensive computer science coding and programming instruction with real biomedical imaging and other datasets, using the scientific programming software Matlab. Transfer credit depends on each institution's evaluation, but the course is equivalent to a first year, 3-credit computer science course that is required in all accredited engineering undergraduate programs. The course will be taught by faculty with research expertise in biomedical imaging and computational biosciences.

Cost for the Summer camp is $995. Request more information