The Catholic University of America School of Engineering's Wall of Fame honors alumni who have reached the pinnacle of their field and achieved national reputation and distinction. 

  • Michael. D. Griffin, M.S.E. 1974 NASA Administrator

    For outstanding achievement in space research and exploration.

  • Paul G. Gaffney II, M.S.E. 1970, Hon. D. Ed. 2003 President of National Defense University
    President of Monmouth University

    For exemplary contributions to national security and higher education

  • Michael W. Michalak, M.S.E. 1973 United Stated Ambassador to Vietnam

    For a lifelong career in foreign service.

  • James A. Wilding, B.C.E. 1959 President and CEO – Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

    For exceptional leadership in the aviation industry.

  • Charles H. Kaman, B.A.E. 1940 Founder of Kaman Aircraft Company

    For unparalleled innovations in the aircraft and music industries.

  • Donald A. Lamontagne, B.S.E. 1969 Commander of Air University

    For outstanding leadership in the U.S. Air Force.