A recording of Dean Judge's July 9th Town Hall for returning students is available here.

A recording for Dean Judge's August 11 Town Hall for new and returning students is available here.

University FAQs

Pass/Fail Option

  • Ordinarily, students in the School of Engineering may not satisfy degree requirements if they elect to take a course Pass/Fail. For the Spring 2020 semester only, because of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting mid-semester switch to remote education, undergraduate students in the School of Engineering had the option to switch courses to Pass/Fail. This option was not available for graduate students — courses not taken for a letter grade cannot be counted towards a graduate degree or certificate.
  • To be eligible for Dean's List for the Spring 2020 semester, a student must have completed at least 12 credits for a letter grade, and must have earned the usual required minimum semester GPA of 3.5.
  • The Pass/Fail option is not available for School of Engineering students in Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or subsequent semesters.

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