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    Dr. Raub’s research goal is to determine microscale mechanisms of tissue injury, remodeling, and repair, with insights that lead to novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. To achieve this objective, Dr. Raub’s laboratory is designed to merge tissue engineering, biomedical optics, and microfluidics to noninvasively capture cell and matrix dynamics in 3-D, and relate microscale features to macroscale tissue mechanics. Using similar approaches in the past, Dr. Raub has analyzed the influence of extracellular matrix microstructure on bulk mechanical properties of engineered tissue, pulmonary airways following epithelial injury, and articular cartilage during knee joint degeneration and surgical repair. This work occurred during his doctoral studies at the University of California, Irvine, from 2004-2009, and his postdoctoral work at the University of California, San Diego, from 2009-2013. From 2013-2014, Dr. Raub pursued a capstone postdoctoral experience at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, developing microfluidic assays for the detection of cancer mutations. Moving forward, the unifying theme of Dr. Raub’s research will be noninvasive assessment of and control over cell and matrix dynamics to inhibit pathologic and guide therapeutic remodeling of collagen-rich tissues.

    Representative Publications

    Rahimi C, Rahimi B, Padova D, Rooholghodos SA, Bienek D, Luo X, Kaufman G, and CB Raub. Oral mucosa-on-a-chip to assess layer-specific responses to bacteria and dental materials. Biomicrofluidics. 12(5): 054106, 2018.
    Lam VK, Nguyen T, Phan T, Chung BM, Nehmetallah G, and CB Raub. Machine Learning with Optical Phase Signatures for Phenotypic Profiling of Cell Lines. Cytometry Part A. 95(7): 757-768, 2019.
    Lam VK, Nguyen TC, Bui V, Chung BM, Chang LC, Nehmetallah G, and CB Raub. Quantitative scoring of epithelial and mesenchymal qualities of cancer cells using machine learning and quantitative phase imaging. Journal of Biomedical Optics. 25(2):026002, 2020.
    Huynh RN, Yousof M, Ly KL, Gombedza FC, Luo X, Bandyopadhyay BC, and CB Raub. Microstructural densification and alignment by aspiration-ejection influence cancer cell interactions with three-dimensional collagen networks. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 117(6):1826-1838, 2020.

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