Current Graduate Students

Anh Thai (EE Ph.D. student)

Jeffrey C. Jenkins (CSC Ph.D. student)

An-Yu Sun (CSC Ph.D. student)

Tan Tran (CSC Ph.D. student)

 Edward Trudeau (CSC Ph.D. student)




Dr. Ibrahim Almubark (2021)
Dissertation Title:
Diagnostic Classification and Prognostic Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Machine Learning Based on Neuropsychological and Cognitive Test Data
Current Position:
Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology
Director, Cybersecurity Management
Qassim University
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Vy Bui (2020)
Dissertation Title:
Machine Learning for Anatomical Heart Structures Segmentation of Contrast Enhanced Cardiac Computed Tomography Images
Current Position:
AI Research Fellow
The National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Dr. Matthew James Jacobs (2018)
Dissertation Title:
Advanced Image Processing in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Application in Myocardial Perfusion Quantification
Current Position:
Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science
EECS Dept., School of Engineering
The Catholic University of America

Dr. Eyad Makki (2017)
Dissertation Title:
An Enhanced Quantitative Performance Model for Automatic E-commerce Websites Evaluation
Current Position:
Director, E-Services Solutions Director
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Vladimir Kirnosov (2016)
Dissertation Title:
Automatic Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Coronal Mass Ejection from STEREO A/B White-light Coronagraph Images
Current Position:
Senior Software Engineer
Washington, DC, United States

Edward Trudeau, MSCS (2023)
Master Thesis Title: 
Classifying Cognitive-Aesthetic Experience Through Machine Learning and EEG Data

Mai Bui, MSCS (2022)
Co-advice with Dr. Hanh Liu
Master Thesis Title: 
A Comparison Study of Point Cloud Compression Algorithms

Van Khanh Lam, MSCS (2022)
Co-advice with Dr. Peter Lum
Master Thesis Title: 
Classification of Functional and Non-Functional Arm Movement Using Deep Learning and Wearable Camera Video Data

Tan Tran, MSCS (2019)
Master Thesis Title: 
Machine Learning Methods to Classify Functional and Nonfunctional Arm Movement after Stroke Using a Single Wrist-Worn Sensor Device

Jeffrey C. Jenkins, MSCS (2017)
Master Thesis Title:
Harmonization of Methods to Facilitate Reproducibility in Medical Data Processing: Applications to Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging

László István Etesi, MSCS (2010)
Master Thesis Title:
A Message-Based Interoperability Framework with Application to Astrophysics

Mikhail A. Gorbachev, MSCS (2010)
Master Thesis Title:
Ordinary And Weighted Least Square Algorithm Implementation For Multivariate Linear Regression On General Purpose Graphical Processing Units