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    July 2014-current:  Chief of Staff for the National Nuclear Security’s Administration (NNSA) Office of Safety, Infrastructure, and Operation (NA-50) (Executive Level position).

    He serves as the communications coordinator, management analyst, chief of staff, and trusted agent for the Associate Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations.  He helped facilitate the establishment of the new program Office in January 2015.  The facilitation involves staff organization, procedure development, training, directives, audits, oversight, and all manner of high-level administrative, managerial, and executive tasks for making a new organization functional.

     He has wide skills and interests in policy, safety, communications, quality management, administration, engineering, management, construction, nuclear safety management, and oversight. He assists the Associate Administrator in managing a 100+-person staff with execution responsibility for about $2 billion of work each year. 

    Patrick executes broad responsibility for strategic planning; engineering oversight; project and program management; staffing; internal and external communications; recruiting, developing and mentoring staff; resolving technical and management disputes; and implementing a consensus-based business management system, whose scope spans from meeting with customers to directing the inner-workings of the circadian work cycle. 

    June 2011-June 2014:  Senior Technical Advisor for Infrastructure and Operations (Executive Level engineering).  He provided executive-level advice, technical support, and systems engineering for integrating nuclear safety into the design of large nuclear projects, for integrating nuclear operations across the National Security Enterprise, and for upgrading the directives that specify how the NNSA will manage and control its assets and its contractors. 

    Much of his work involved managing risk. His role as the safety manager and he supported managing risk to people, facilities, and the environment against the needs to support the Enterprise’s mission. 

    1983-2011:   Served in various engineering positions which involved Risk Management and Project Management.