Through a partnership with the university, employees of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Newport News Shipbuilding division have an opportunity to take courses and enroll in certificate, non-degree, and degree-seeking programs offered by the School of Engineering. There are two master's programs and one certificate program specifically offered to Newport News Shipbuilding employees; however, employees are also encouraged to take other courses relevant to their jobs and career trajectories. 

For more information on the specific programs offered, please review the following sections:

  • Acoustics Graduate Certificate

    (Requires completion of five, 3 credit courses; total of 15 credits)

    ME 560: Intro to Acoustics; 3 Credits

    ME 578: Ocean Acoustics; 3 Credits

    ME 566: Advanced Vibrations; 3 Credits

    ME 562: Acoustic Signal Processing; 3 Credits

    ME 660: Intermediate Acoustics (Prerequisite ME 560); 3 Credits

  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Acoustics)

    (Requires completion of five certificate level courses, plus five additional courses; total of 30 credits)

    Math Requirement; One of the following courses:

    ENGR 520: Math Analysis for Graduate Students; 3 Credits

    ENGR 516: Computational Methods for Graduate Students; 3 Credits

  • M.S. in Computer Science

    (The degree program requires the completion of 30 credits, which includes 10 three-credit courses)

    Core Courses: 

    CMGT 522: Cyber Security for Engineering Managers; 3 credits.

    CSC 567: Industrial Controls Cybersecurity, Architectures, and Interfaces; 3 credit hours.

    CSC 568: Industrial Controls Software Development with Cybersecurity; 3 credit hours.

    CSC 524: Secure Programming; 3 credit hours.

    ENGR 504:  Capstone Project.

    In addition to completing the core course load, students must also pick one of the following concentrations and complete the corresponding course requirements. 

    Software Development for Industrial Control Systems

    CSC 564: Advanced Software Engineering; 3 credits.

    CSC 623: Real-Time Systems; 3 credit hours.

    CSC 637: Physical Systems Considerations for Industrial Controls Software Development; 3 credit hours.

    CSC 635: Software Verification, Validation, and Testing; 3 credit hours.

    Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

    CSC 681: Security Architecture and Analysis; 3 credit hours.

    CMGT 520: Supply Chain Security; 3 credit hours.

    CSC 671: Cyber-Security Laws, Ethics, and Policies; 3 credit hours.

    CSC 638: Cyberattack Methodologies and Vulnerability Analysis; 3 credits.