Each department will match up interested incoming freshmen with upper classmen who serve as student mentors.  These student mentors volunteer their time to help out their fellow students.  While students still have their faculty mentors to help them with deciding about what classes to take or where to go for help in a subject, some students find it a lot easier to talk with their peers. Whether it is recommending a teacher for a certain class, needing someone to look over a paper or critique a presentation, or learning about the different activities on campus, incoming freshmen should feel free to ask their mentors any questions about the Catholic University campus and D.C. This is why the mentoring program was set up.  If you would like to have a student mentor, contact the Chair or administrative assistant of your department.

Other Resources

Here are some useful links that you can use to move around in Washington, D.C. Students at Catholic University have the advantage of studying in a beautiful campus and being only a couples of metro stops away from downtown D.C.