1. Complete the School of Engineering Accelerated Joint Bachelor's/Master's Program Approval Form (prior to enrollment in any courses that will double-counted towards both degrees). This is typically done during second semester junior year or first semester senior year, to apply for preliminary approval.
  2. Update the form to list graduate coursework taken as an undergraduate, as approved by department chair, or program director.
  3. Apply for admission to the relevant graduate program (prior to enrollment in any courses that count only towards the graduate degree). This is typically done during the final undergraduate semester, but should be done sooner if a student intends to be dual-enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. Please note, CUA undergraduate transcripts will not need to be submitted, nor will the student be required to remit an application fee.
  4. Final approval to double-count two courses is given upon completion of the undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, and an approval form that shows that two appropriate courses—completed at the 500-level or higher, with a grade of B or better—have been approved to count towards the master's degree*.

*Approval to double-count courses as part of the accelerated program does not guarantee admission into a Master’s degree program.