A student who matriculates simultaneously in undergraduate and graduate programs will have two careers in the Cardinal Students system. 

  • Any course that will count towards an undergraduate degree requirement must appear on the student’s undergraduate career record. This includes graduate-level courses if they are fulfilling undergraduate requirements, including the two courses that are approved to double-count towards both undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • A course must appear on a student’s graduate career record if it is a course that will only be counted towards the graduate degree program. No undergraduate-level courses may be counted as credit towards a graduate degree.

The following instructions are to be used when registering for classes, to ensure that each class appears on the appropriate career record:

  1. In Cardinal Students, select the Manage Classes title from the Student Homepage. 
  2. Select the Class Search and Enroll from the left-hand menu. 
  3. Select the term for which you wish to enroll in classes. 
  4. Search the class you would like to enroll in. 
  5. Click/select anywhere on the row for the section you wish to enroll in. 
  6. Select the career that you wish to enroll the selected class with and select the Accept button. 
  7. Select the Next button and follow the remaining steps to enroll in the class.