Course List

A list of courses to be offered for the proposed MSE program is provided in the Table below and descriptions are provided at the end. 

Core and MSE elective courses offered

Core Courses

Class Level Credits
Comp. Methods for Grad Students 500 3
Experimental Tech Grad Students 500 3
Math Analysis for Grad Students 500 3
Materials Engineering 500 3
Mechanical Properties of Materials 500 3
Electrical Properties of Materials 500 3
Kinetics of Materials: Physical Properties 500 3

General MSE Electives

Class Level Credits
Technology Dev and Evaluation 500 3
Polymer Engineering / Soft Materials 500 3
Artificial Organ Engineering 500 3
MSE Grad Seminar 500 1
Thermodyn and Kinetics Materials 600 3
Master’s Thesis 600 3-6
Special Topics 600 3

Nanotechnology Electives

Class Level Credits
Processing of Nano-Materials (w/lab work) 600 4
Lithography of Nanostructures (w/lab work) 600 4
Nano-Mechanics of Materials 600 3

Biomaterials Electives

Class Level Credits
Introduction to Biomaterials 500 3
Biomechanics of Hard Tissue 500 3
Cell and Tissue Engineering 500 3
Biomedical Sensors 500 3

Magnetic and Optical Materials Electives:

Class Level Credits
Optical Systems and Devices 500 3
Physics of Electro-Optics, Photonics and Magneto-optics 600 3

Chemistry, Glass, Ceramics & Metallurgy Electives

Class Level Credits
Industrial Processing of Materials 500 3
Introduction to Organic Chemistry 500 3
Introduction to Solid State Chemistry 600 3
Electronic processes in Non-Crystalline Materials 700 3

Processing and Instrumentation

Class Level Credits
Electrochemical Processing of Materials 600 3
Micro- and Nano-Device Processing 600 3
Imaging Technologies 500 3

5xx: 1st yr Graduate Courses; 6xx: Adv. Grad Course; 7xx: Doctoral level course.

Special Topics Courses

Computational Materials Science, Transport Phenomena, Fracture and Fatigue, Welding and Joining Processes, Systems Perspectives on Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Energy: Economic and Environmental Issues, Engineering Risk-Benefit Analysis,Symmetry and Tensor Properties of Materials are some of the courses that are not listed in the Table  but will be offered as “Special Topic” courses from time to time if sufficient student interest is perceived.