The master's degree program in materials science and engineering is especially designed to serve the needs of the technical population in Washington, D.C. The program emphasizes advances in existing and emerging technologies in materials science which include:

  • nanotechnology
  • composite materials
  • carbon nanotube-based materials and sensors
  • biomaterials
  • glasses, ceramics, and metallurgy
  • magnetic and optical materials
  • computational materials science

The curriculum will lead to the awarding of the degree of Master of Science (M.S.) in Materials Science and Engineering.

Candidates for the master’s degree in MSE must complete a minimum of thirty (30) semester hours of graduate work. Two curricular options are available for completion of the master’s degree in MSE, either through coursework or through thesis.

  • Coursework (i.e. non-thesis) master’s degree: Students completing the MS in MSE through the coursework option will be required to complete all 30 semester credit hours required for graduation through coursework with approval from the advisor.
  • Thesis master’s degree: Students completing the MS in MSE through the thesis option will be able to count up to six credits of thesis research towards satisfaction of the 30 semester credit hours required for graduation. Credit for thesis research will be granted upon submission of the written thesis. The remaining courses will be selected in consultation with an academic advisor.