Arash Massoudieh


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    Dr. Massoudieh's research interests include (1) Reactive contaminant fate and transport in aquatic systems; (2) Individual based modeling of ecological systems and fish population dynamics; (3) Storm-water quality, management and BMP optimization; (4) Evolutionary and soft computing methods in inverse modeling of contaminant fate and transport in natural systems (5) Contaminant sediment water interactions in streams and wetlands and (5) Bacterial horizontal gene transfer in porous media. Prior to joining Catholic University in 2008, he held research appointments at the University of California, Davis.

    Representative Publications

    Massoudieh, A., F. A. Bombardelli and T. R. Ginn, (2010), “A coupled mathematical modeling approach for reactive sediment facilitated contaminant transport in riverine systems”, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 112(1-4), 103-117.

    Massoudieh, A., C. Crain, E. Lambertini, K.E. Nelson, T. Barkouki, P. L'Amoreaux, F.J. Loge and T.R. Ginn, (2010), “Kinetics of conjugative gene transfer on surfaces in granular porous media”, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 112(1-4), 91-102.

    Massoudieh, A., Ginn, T., (2008), “Modeling Colloid-Enhanced Contaminant Transport in Stormwater Infiltration Basin BMPs”, Vadose Zone Journal, 7(4) 1–9.

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