Lecturers and Adjunct Professors

Dr. Ossama Ali Ahmed

Email: aliahmed@cua.edu

Dr. John Bonita
Email: bonita@cua.edu

Dr. Shahin Hajilar
Email: hajilar@cua.edu

Mr. Gregory McHugh
Email: mchugh@cua.edu 

Dr. Kiavash Parvan
Email:  parvan@cua.edu

Dr. Arash Rezavandi
Email: rezavandi@cua.edu

Mr. Adam Wolfe
E-mail: wolfe@cua.edu

Retired and Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Timothy Kao, P. E. 
Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Water Resources

Dr. John J. McCoy 
Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Mechanics
E-mail: mccoy@cua.edu

Dr. Dennis McCahill 
Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Construction Engineering and Management
E-mail: nanabigd@erols.com

Dr. Hsien Ping (Frank) Pao 
Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Environmental Engineering
E-mail: pao@cua.edu