Sen Nieh


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  • Multiphase Flows and Energy Systems
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    Prof. Nieh’s research interests include the following five areas: Energy Systems, Combustion Engineering, Thermal Sciences, Multiphase Mechanics, and Environmental Engineering. He is a scholar and researcher, having authored/co-authored 90+ scientific research papers, 1 college textbook, 1 computer code, and 8 US/Foreign patents. He is the recipient of the Lectureship Award of the United Nations, the Kaman Teaching Excellence Award at the School of Engineering/CUA, and the Honorary Professorship of 5 universities in China and Taiwan. He served as the principal investigator of 18 government-funded research projects and 3 industry-funded R&D/Demo projects with a total fund of close to $3.0M. Being a tenured ordinary professor, he has served three times as the Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department and various Committees of Academic Affairs in the university. He has been an active advocate of religious freedom and human rights and a strong leader in various community event and services.

    Representative Publications

    Siebert, M. and S. Nieh, "Control of an Air Siphon Atomizing Nozzle Using Hydrogen and Gases Other Than Air”, Int’al Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 41, Issue 1, pp. 683–689, 2016.

    Siebert, M. and S. Nieh, "Measurement of Hydrogen Enriched Combustion of Jet Fuel in Open Flame”, to be present and published in Proceeding of ASME 2016 Power & Energy Conference, pp. 1-7, Charlotte, NC, June 26-30, 2016.

    Matthew, O., H. Nguyen, and S. Nieh, "Analysis of Natural Gas SOFC-GT-ST-ORC Quadruple Cycle for Power Generation”, to be present and published in Proceeding of 47th Power Sources Conference, Section 13.1, Orlando, FL, June 13-16, 2016.

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