Zhaoyang Wang


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    Dr. Zhaoyang Wang’s research interests include solid mechanics, experimental techniques, optical methods, nanotechnology, computer vision, image and data processing, robot control, failure and reliability analysis, etc. Dr. Wang has published numerous technical papers in relevant fields, and developed two free software packages for scientific and engineering applications. The packages are being used by over 1500 registered users in academia and industry.

    Representative Publications

    M. Vo, Z. Wang, B. Pan, and T. Pan, “Hyper-accurate flexible calibration technique for fringe-projection-based three-dimensional imaging,” Optics Express, Vol. 20, No. 15, 16926-16941, 2012.

    J. Ma, Z. Wang, M. Vo, etc., “Hybrid two-dimensional continuous wavelet transform for analysis of phase-shifted interferograms,” Optics Communications, Vol. 285, No. 19, 3917-3920, 2012.

    J. Ma, Z. Wang, M. Vo, and B. Pan, “Wavelet selection in two-dimensional continuous wavelet transform technique for optical fringe pattern analysis,” Journal of Optics, Vol. 14, No. 6, 065403, 2012.

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