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CORE COURSES (3 courses)

MSE 522 (Mechanical Properties of Materials) 3 credits; (Spring and Fall)
MSE 524 (Additive Manufacturing Processes) 3 credits; (Spring)
MSE 528 (Additive Manufacturing and Lab) 4 credits; (Fall)

ELECTIVES (2 of the courses listed below)

MSE 551 (Physical Properties of Materials) 3 credits; (Fall)
MSE 591 (Composite Materials) 3 credits; (Spring)
MSE 526 (Additive Manufacturing Systems) 3 credits; (Spring)
MSE 529 (Additive Manufacturing & Polymer Engineering) 3 credits; (Spring)
MSE 513 / ENGR 413 - Intro. to 3D-Printing Science & Engineering; 3 credits; (Spring)
MSE 587 /ME 587– Mechanics & Applications of Composite Materials; 3 credits; (Spring)  
MSE 600 (Advanced Topics/Research in Additive Manufacturing) 3 credits; (Spring/Fall, starting 2020)
CMGT 505 Decision Analysis– 3 credits; (Fall)
CMGT 562 Engineering Risk Management- 3 credits; (Summer)

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Dr. Sergio Picozzi:
Visiting Assistant Professor
Associate Director
Materials Science and Engineering


Mel Williams, Jr., Vice Admiral, US Navy (ret):
Associate Dean of Engineering (EA) 
Director, MS in Engineering Management Program
Director, MS in Materials Science & Engineering Program
Director, Off-Campus Graduate Engineering Programs