The minor in Computer Science is designed to prepare students in other majors for careers in a wide variety of fields which require computer science expertise. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of The Catholic University of America is pleased to offer a 'minor in computer science'. The minor in computer science allows you to enhance a career in engineering, business, art, music, mathematics or any other sciences.

Requirements for a minor in computer science

The student must complete six three-credit hour courses in Computer Science. Among the six courses, three courses are required and at least two courses should be selected from 300 level or above

Choose six CSC courses from the suggested CSC courses below

  • CSC 123 C/C++ Programming (required)
  • CSC 223 Object-Oriented Programming with Java (required)
  • CSC 280 Data Structures (required)
  • CSC 210 Discrete Mathematics
  • CSC 212 Theory of Computing
  • CSC 363 Software Engineering
  • CSC 370 Concepts of Programming Language
  • CSC 411 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSC 442 Introduction to Database Management

The student may choose Computer Science courses outside of the suggested electives prior written permission from their computer science advisor.

For More Information

Please contact the EECS Chair

Dr. Nader Namazi