The Computational Informatics Laboratory is a research and training unit in the department of Electric Engineering and Computer Science at the Catholic University of America. The primary focus of the lab is to develop novel computational methods to the application of various aspects of scientific disciplines. Its educational purpose is to train students with algorithmic thinking and proficient programming skills to solve large scale of scientific and engineering problems.

Current Research

The current emphasis of the lab is on designing computational approaches with applications to biomedical data analysis. It includes projects in quantitative diffusion tensor magnetic resonance image processing and analysis, computational T1 map estimation, error propagation and analysis on diffusion tensor derived quantities, robust diffusion tensor estimation, and outlier detection, etc.

Past Projects

NIH Pediatric Neuroimaging Project

Research Interests

Biomedical/medical image processing and analysis, modeling and simulation, pattern recognition, combinatorial design, information retrieval, data mining, and (bio)medical informatics.


  • Peter J. Basser, PhD, Head, Section on Tissue Biophysics and Biomimetics
  • Carlo Pierpaoli, MD, PhD.
  • Cheng Guan Koay, PhD.
  • Minjie Wu, PhD.
  • Antti Pulkkinen, PhD.