Director: Nader M. Namazi

This laboratory is established to perform research and development in the general areas of signal and image processing. The laboratory is located in Room 216, Pangborn Hall. This spacious lab has several desks for Ph.D. students, a conference table and desks for computers and printers. The SIP lab has graduated a number of doctoral students in the past several years and is partially funded by the Naval Research Lab and the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren-Division. The research is involved with the chemical agent detection and classification, radar tracking, and restoration of image sequences.

SIP Lab Research Activities

Application of estimation theory to signal processing, image processing and communications. Developed innovative algorithms for variable time delay estimation using MAP, ML, and Kalman filtering techniques. Developed new methods for nonuniform frame-to-frame image motion detection and estimation in the presence of noise. Formulation a new approach for image sequence restoration and image segmentation. Developed and implemented several algorithms for detection and identification of chemical agent vapors and liquids.

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Signal and Image Processing Laboratory
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