Brian Willoughby

President WILLCOR Inc.

Brian Willoughby, throughout his over 38 year career, has developed and implemented many state of the art solutions in support of dozens of weapons systems for the Department of Defense.  Known worldwide for his program management and engineering capabilities, he has taught and spoken at a variety of institutions, including Defense Acquisition University/Defense System Management College, Naval Postgraduate School, United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, and Canadian Division of National Defense (DND).  He has worked at all levels of the acquisition process from testing on the decks of aircraft carriers, to DoD 5000 series directive development, Defense Science Board support, and support to senior acquisition executives in DoD, Navy, Army, Air Force, Intelligence community, DHS, and others.  His expertise on reliability by design, producability, and industrial base issues causes him to be sought after to provide senior SME support for design reviews.  He has published numerous papers and guidance documents and his systems engineering ingenuity has earned him a number of patents in the fields of remotely-activated device control and laser sights.  Mr. Willoughby has visited and supported process improvements for production lines in over seven countries and supported numerous U.S./international programs, including SM in Europe, MIDS IPO, and command and control systems such as WEDGETAIL, SSTD IPO, and Canadian DND/IC through all phases of the design and production process.  Among other thing he currently supports the Navy “Reliability Assist Team”, CIRCM PMO, ASAALT, and JTRS programs.  Mr. Willoughby developed the approach and algorithms for the Technical Risk Identification & Mitigation System (TRIMS) based on process oriented knowledge based risk management.