Description of the Program

Modern structural engineering places strong reliance on applied mechanics and the computer. This emphasis is reflected in the graduate program in structural engineering offered at the Catholic University of America. The present areas of research emphasis in the Department are in structural dynamics and computer aided engineering. The work in structural dynamics proceeds along several fronts including the use of passive and active isolation systems in earthquake engineering applications. Research in computer aided engineering includes application of predicate logic to automated structural design, constraint-based design, geometric modeling, and engineering data bases. The success of such research has the potential to bring "intelligence" into CAD systems. The Department is also interested in educational reform in structural engineering using information technology (IT) methodology. 

Degrees Offered

The program offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees in Civil Engineering, for students with both engineering and non-engineering undergraduate backgrounds.

Program Course Listing

The following is a list of courses to choose use as building blocks for this particular program (bold type indicates required courses):

CE 501 Advanced Mechanics of Solids (3)
CE 502 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (3)
CE 503 introduction to Elasticity (3)
CE 511 Applied Plastic design and Limit Analysis (3)
CE 514 Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (3)
CE 516 Prestressed Concrete (3)
CE 519 Theory of Elastic Stability (3)
CE 520 Design of Structural Systems (3)
CE 524 Matrix and Computer Methods in Structural Analysis and Design (3)
CE 611 Emerging Computing Technologies and Applications in Civil Engineering (3)
CE 621 Control and Monitoring of Structural Engineering Experiments (3)
CE 718 Stability of Structures (3)
CE 719 Nonlinear Methods in Mechanics (3)
CE 767 Advanced Geotechnical and Structural Systems (3)
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