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Why Study at The Catholic University of America?

Small class sizes, a great student-to-faculty ratio, giving personal attention to each student, a rich and challenging curriculum, and a host of extracurricular opportunities in student organizations across campus, and individual career advising are some of the features of civil engineering studies at The Catholic University of America with a concentration in the Construction Engineering and Management Program. The Civil Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET.

Construction Engineering and Management Program

The Construction Engineering and Management Program was created in 1990 and is a concentration in the Department of Civil Engineering at The Catholic University of America. It offers studies at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level with specialized courses within the civil engineering curriculum. The construction program hosts a quarter of the undergraduate and graduate students within the Civil Department.

The construction program maintains a strong and longstanding cooperation with the construction industry and its professional organizations in the greater Washington metropolitan region. Existing for three decades, it is renowned for the quality of the professional preparation of its graduates. At the undergraduate level, it has a semester-long  surveying  course and a mandatory internship program. Undergraduate students must complete at least two full summer internships after their sophomore and junior year, with at least one in the field, as a requirement for being awarded the bachelor's degree. Many undergraduate students complete three internships and some are already working part-time when they graduate. Internships also typically lead to full-time employment directly upon graduation. Additionally, undergraduate students enroll in two graduate courses as program electives in their senior year. The construction program works closely together with the Center for Academic and Career Success at Catholic University, which e.g. organizes the Engineering Internship and Job Fair and other events and services and maintains the Cardinal Connection database.

At the graduate level, it accommodates the needs of both full-time students and full-time professionals who are part-time students. Graduate courses are held during evenings and taught either on the Brookland main campus of Catholic University in Washington, D.C., or in Crystal City, VA, which are metro-accessible. Several layers of elective courses broaden the education. Students can choose from among civil engineering or other engineering courses, from the rich variety of electives in the sister program of Engineering Management, architecture, finance, economics, and in with special permission courses of the consortium from outside of Catholic University, e.g. in statistics, to tailor their plan of studies to their personal interests, research needs, and career objectives.

The construction program works very closely together with its sister program in the School of Engineering, the Engineering Management Program, whose graduate courses may all be taken as program electives for undergraduate and graduate students in the construction program.

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