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Students working on the steel bridge project

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

We prepare you for an exciting career in all sectors including industry, government, business, and academia.

Building a Sustainable Future

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is a select group of students and faculty who are dedicated to work together to build a sustainable future through the development of our civil infrastructure and the betterment of our global environment.

  • Faculty and Staff

    We have a faculty who are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate teaching and are at the forefront of engineering research. Being in the Nation's capital, we have, also in our faculty, a group of world-class professional experts in engineering, law, business, who bring practice into the classroom.

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  • Research

    Catholic University is a student-oriented and multi-faceted research University. Faculty in the Department of Civil Engineering are collaborating with students in wide-ranging research in areas such as construction management, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and transportation and infrastructure systems.

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  • Courses Offered

    Civil engineers must be equipped with in-depth knowledge of traditional, fundamental principles and new technologies in order to address the complex, interdisciplinary problems faced within society. Learn about the courses we offer.

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    Courses Offered
  • Civil Engineering Alumni Testimonials

    From our commitment to academic rigor and hands-on learning experiences to our vibrant community and the values that underpin our education, discover why alumni chose Catholic University for their civil engineering and construction management education.

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    Civil Engineering Alumni Testimonials
  • Message of the Chair

    Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering! Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Our field is responsible for developing, constructing, and maintaining all infrastructure in modern societies. Civil engineers design transportation systems, commercial buildings, airports, schools, and hospitals. They construct water plants, power stations, dams, and production facilities.

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    Message of the Chair
  • Advisory Board Members

    Advisory Board Members
  • Department News and Events

    The recent news and events for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

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American Society of Civil Engineering

At Catholic University, we take a hands-on approach to engineering education. Our engineering programs emphasize development and design. This focus is reflected in the numerous laboratory and design courses required by each program. Our students have the opportunity of being part of the ASCE student chapter.

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