Systems Engineering deals with the design and operation of large-scale complex systems. Within the Civil Engineering context, it usually deals with environmental systems, water resources systems, transportation systems, construction and urban planning. It uses methodologies derived from engineering design and from the mathematics of operations research, stochastic processes, and automatic control. It embodies heavy emphasis on the environmental, social, and economic aspects of large-scale engineering development. The basic building blocks of systems engineering are therefore highly interdisciplinary.

Degrees Offered

The program offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees in Civil Engineering, for students with both engineering and non-engineering undergraduate backgrounds.

Program Course Listing

At the Catholic University of America, the graduate program in systems engineering is offered through the Department of Civil Engineering but incorporates course offerings and research areas from several other departments. The following is a list of courses from which selections may be made to build a coherent program in systems engineering at either the master's or doctoral levels. (Bold type indicates required core courses).

CE 555 Environmental Law and Policy (3)
CE 557 Foundation Engineering
CE 560 Case Studies in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
CE 570 Innovative Infrastructure Management (3)
CE 572 Intelligent Transportation Systems (3)
CE 575 Introduction to Systems Analysis (3)
CE 576 Systems Design (3)
CE 579 Harbors and Coastal Engineering (3)
CE 581 Practical Construction Law (3)
CE 582 Value Engineering (3)
CE 587 Estimating and Bidding (3)
CE 589 Construction Scheduling Techniques (3)
CE 591 Engineering Hydrogeology and Groundwater Flow (3)
CE 592 Groundwater Contamination: Simulation and Regulations (3)
CE 593 Applied Hydrology (3)
CE 595 Water Supply Engineering (3)
CE 596 Waste Treatment Engineering (3)
CSC 532 Systems Simulation (3)
ENGR 538 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (3)
ME 510 Modern Control Systems (3)
ME 537 Pollution Control For Energy Systems (3)
CMGT 505 Decision Analysis (3)
CMGT 547 Managerial Engineering Economics (3)
CMGT 572 Organizational Theory and Behavior (3)
CMGT 580 Introduction to Systems Engineering Management (3)
ECON 661 Advanced Mathematical Economics (3)
ECON 662 Graduate Statistics (3)
ECON 763 Econometrics I (3)
ECON 764 Econometrics II (3)