Engineering Management

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Credibility, Flexibility, and Commitment:

  • 5 Alumni are Vice Admirals (3 stars), with many more Alumni serving in distinguished positions  
  • 3 of 14 Faculty are retired Admirals
  • Match your schedule with online, face to face, and hybrid program
  • 40% of tuition is acknowledged for nuclear trained officers  
  • Transfer up to 9 hours from Defense Acquisition University
  • We are committed to excellence and student career success

Below is an executive summary of the MS in Engineering Management program. For a more in-depth review please visit the Master of Science in Engineering Management section.

The Master of Science curriculum enhances management performance and develops managerial skills. It is designed to provide the student with knowledge of the theory and practice of management as it specifically pertains to engineering and technology oriented organizations and activities. Three tracks are offered to allow the students to focus on their career preference.

The program is oriented towards the management of engineering processes within the broader context of a company or agency enterprise.

The master's degree program offers three tracks:

  1. Engineering Management and Organization - Developed to provide a graduate level foundation for the practice of managing engineering organizations. It is appropriate for those who will assume leadership positions in technically oriented organizations.
  2. Project and Systems Engineering Management - Developed to provide a graduate level foundation for the practice of managing projects associated with development and life cycle management of a product. It is appropriate for Project Managers and System Engineers in management roles or those who will be in those positions.
  3. Technology Management - Developed to provide a graduate level foundation for the practice of managing technology development, implementation, or sustainment activities. It is appropriate for those who will assume leadership positions in technology development or sustainment organizations.

Each track has core courses that give the foundation for engineering management and electives that allow students to focus their degree on their personal career plan.

The master's degree program results in an engineering/scientific degree, rather than a business degree; therefore, the program candidate should have an engineering, physical science, or mathematics degree with appropriate technical or engineering experience. Depending on experience, candidates without a mathematics-based degree may be accepted for the program. Pre-requisites may be required.

All Engineering Management Program courses are offered at an off-campus location in Alexandria, VA. 


  • Programs

    The Engineering Management Program leads to the degree Master of Science or a Certificate in Engineering Management.

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  • Requirements

    The master of Science in Engineering Management degree is awarded upon meeting five requirements.

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  • Locations

    The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has certified the School of Engineering to operate in Virginia. Courses leading to the M.S. degree are offered at the Catholic Charities facility, 2050 Ballenger Ave. #400, Alexandria, VA 22314 (effective Summer 2021).   *Currently not offering courses at this location.*

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  • Partnership with DAU

    To advance the educational opportunities of the Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics workforce, The Catholic University Of America School of Engineering and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) have established a strategic partnership leading to a Master of Science degree or one of four Engineering Management related Professional Certificates.

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  • Courses Offered

    Learn about courses offered every semester.

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  • Admission

    Learn the admission requirements for the M.S. in Engineering Management, and for the certificate programs.

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  • Instructors and Staff

    Learn about our faculty and staff.

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  • Director's Message

    As the Associate Dean of Engineering (Professional Programs), my duties include: Building partnerships and new academic programs; Supporting the strategic planning and execution for existing undergraduate and graduate engineering programs at The Catholic University of America: Biomedical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; and Engineering Management; and Serving as Director of the “Engineering Management” graduate program, as Director of the “Off-Campus” graduate program, and as Director of the “Materials Science and Engineering” graduate program.

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