• Elaine Bochniewicz, M.S. Graduate Student
    Research Interests: Quantifying functional use of upper extremities through the analysis of accelerometry data
    NRH room #1053

    Phone: 202-877-1951
    Email: 98bochniewic@cua.edu 

  • Kathy Brady, PT Physical Therapist
    Research Interests: Assessing different treatment techniques for neurologically involved patients with a special interest in the area of stroke.
    NRH room #1091

    Phone: 202-877-1022
    Email: Kathaleen.p.brady@medstar.net 

  • Dave Brennan, MBE Faculty and Senior Research Engineer
    Research Interests: Development of innovative equipment and methods for delivering interactive computer-based treatment during traditional face-to-face and remote telerehabilitation sessions; graphical user interface design; human factors.
    NRH room #1076

    Phone: 202-877-1963
    Email: david.m.brennan@medstar.net 

  • Ji Chen, MS Ph.D. Student
    NRH room #1261

    Email: 33chen@cua.edu 

  • Tianyao Chen Ph.D. Student
    NRH room #1261

    Email: chentianyao@gmail.com

  • Michael Harris-Love, DSc, MPT Research Scientist
    Research Interests: Muscle plasticity in response to training, detraining, normal aging, and chronic disease
    NRH room #1074

    Phone: 202-877-1091
    Email: michael.harris-love@va.gov 

  • Joe Hidler, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist
    Research Interests: Development of rehabilitation robotic devices; studying motor impairment in stroke and spinal cord injury; developing new rehabilitation strategies for improving functional outcomes in individuals with lower extremity impairments.
    NRH room #1060

    Phone: 202-877-1892
    Email: hidler@aretechllc.com 

  • Rich Keller Research Engineer
    NRH room #1090

    Phone: 202-877-1085
    Email: Richard.D.Keller@medstar.net 

  • Sahana Kukke, Ph.D. Faculty and Research Scientist
    Research Interests: Uncovering mechanisms of impaired motor control and developing methods to improve functional movements in individuals with childhood-onset brain injuries

    Phone: 202-319-5466
    Email: kukke@cua.edu 

  • Sang Wook Lee, Ph.D. Faculty and Research Scientist
    Research Interests: Biomechanics of hand and upper extremity, effective rehabilitation methods for neurologically impaired patients, proactive ergonomics solutions to work-related disorders
    NRH room #1261

    Phone: 202-319-6218
    Email: leeb@cua.edu 

  • Peter Lum, Ph.D. Faculty and CABRR Director
    Research Interests: Understanding the principles that underlie human movement control; applying these concepts to the development of novel rehabilitation treatments for restoration of motor function following neurologic injury; use of robotics and technology for neuro-rehabilitation after stroke.
    NRH room #1091

    Phone: 202-319-5657
    Email: lum@cua.edu 

  • Diane Nichols, PT Physical Therapist
    Research Interests: Understanding abnormal movement and determining effective treatment approaches to restore movement for the CVA and other neurologically involved individuals.
    NRH room #1256

    Phone: 202-877-1889
    Email: diane.nichols@medstar.net 

  • Susan Ryerson, PT, DSc Research Scientist
    Research Interests: Post stroke rehabilitation: Understanding the relationship between trunk and extremity function; investigating position sense and musculoskeletal impairments in the trunk; developing new rehabilitation strategies for improving trunk control post stroke
    NRH room #1261

    Phone: 202-877-1889

  • Billy Vermillion, MS Ph.D. Student
    NRH room #1053

    Email: billyvermillion@gmail.com