At The Catholic University of America, we believe there is a profound harmony between the discipline of engineering and the Catholic faith.

Engineering is the task of finding solutions to problems by means of creative design. All of our research and all of our design begins with the firm conviction that solutions to these problems can, indeed, be found. We believe that there is a reasonableness to reality, that through research and experimentation we can, in fact, come to better understand our world. The Catholic faith beautifully affirms this conviction. The world, our faith teaches us, is wisely made. As the Psalmist proclaimed, “O Lord, how manifold are thy works!” The Psalmist sings, “In wisdom you have made them all” (Psalm 104).

Faith also gives purpose to our work. Our faith calls us to care for the created world and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We answer this call through our work as engineers. Engineering is not only about solving technical problems. Whether we are designing safer highways or designing stronger human hearts, at The Catholic University of America, engineering is about solving the problems of real men and women, the problems of our communities, and problems of global importance.