Educating military and civilian engineering management leaders for over 40 years

Credibility, Flexibility, and Commitment:

  • In Residence Graduate Education for US Navy Officers, with 6 credits or 12 credits (Nuclear trained) may be offered
  • 7 of 19 Faculty are retired US Navy Rear/Vice Admirals or Federal Senior Executive Service members
  • 8 Alumni reached Vice Admiral (3 stars)/Senior Executive Service (SES) (at 3 star equivalent level), with many more Alumni serving in distinguished positions
  • Match your schedule with face to face classes off-campus and on campus, and online
  • May transfer up to 9 hours from Defense Acquisition University
  • We are committed to excellence and student career success

The Engineering Management Program at Catholic University has a proud 40-year history of successfully educating military, government and industry professionals in the art and science of leading and managing people in technical organizations.

Program's Intent. The Catholic University of America Engineering Management Program endeavors to provide excellence in engineering management education for graduate students to enhance their careers and to accelerate their learning as they leverage new engineering and technological advances while leading, managing, and serving a diverse workforce within their respective organizations. 

Our courses are taught by seasoned professionals who have the education and experience to provide students with an understanding of engineering management practices and the underlining theory.

Engineering Management Program has three Degree tracks (Master of Science degree) and four Certificate options (Certificate in Engineering Management) available based on student needs.

Effective July 2019 for US Navy Officers (non-Nuclear Trained), the Engineering Management Program may use 6 transfer credits based on specified Navy education, training, and experience. 
May result in eligible student’s need to take only 8 courses (3 credits each) to complete the 10 course/30 credit hour MS degree program. 

For US Navy Nuclear Trained Officers and other qualified individuals, the Engineering Management Program may use 12 transfer credits based the completion of the Nuclear Power Program or the Bettis Reactor Engineering School. May result in eligible student’s need to take only 6 courses (3 credits each) to complete the 10 course/30 credit hour MS degree program. Learn more here.

  • Programs

    The Engineering Management Program leads to the degree Master of Science or a Certificate in Engineering Management.

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  • Requirements

    The master of Science in Engineering Management degree is awarded upon meeting five requirements.

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  • Locations

    The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has certified the School of Engineering to operate in Virginia. Courses leading to the M.S. degree are offered at the Catholic Charities facility, 2050 Ballenger Ave. #400, Alexandria, VA 22314 (effective Summer 2021).   *Currently not offering courses at this location.*

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  • Partnership with DAU

    To advance the educational opportunities of the Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics workforce, The Catholic University Of America School of Engineering and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) have established a strategic partnership leading to a Master of Science degree or one of four Engineering Management related Professional Certificates.

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  • Admission

    Learn the admission requirements for the M.S. in Engineering Management, and for the certificate programs.

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  • Instructors and Staff

    Learn about our faculty and staff.

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  • Director's Message

    As the Associate Dean of Engineering (Professional Programs), my duties include: Building partnerships and new academic programs; Supporting the strategic planning and execution for existing undergraduate and graduate engineering programs at The Catholic University of America: Biomedical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; and Engineering Management; and Serving as Director of the “Engineering Management” graduate program, as Director of the “Off-Campus” graduate program, and as Director of the “Materials Science and Engineering” graduate program.

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