Meredith Moses (B.C.E. '97), knew that her future was in the field of environmental engineering after spending a summer working in the field. She helped with a study on wetlands water quality at the Stone & Webster Corporation in a national headwater benefits determination program. "Environmental engineers are needed to find ways to improve the environment - especially finding better methods for distributing clean water, air, and energy resources," said Meredith. "I am especially interested in water supply and quality control."

An internship on Capitol Hill with the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure gave her another boost toward defining her career goals. That experience combined with her classroom work gave her the practical and theoretical knowledge about how public policy decisions are made and can affect the environment. "I also learned that environmental engineering is a field with many options and job opportunities," she said. "But the key is to have a solid background in engineering first." Meredith went on to receive her M.S. in Environmental Engineering at the University of Notre Dame and is now working as Environmental Engineer for Exxon-Mobil in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

At The Catholic University of America, you, like Meredith, will receive a professional degree in civil or mechanical engineering with a concentration in environmental engineering. Our philosophy is to provide you with an academic and ethical foundation that you can build on. Environmental engineering is an interdisciplinary field that combines sciences, engineering, and public policy. We'll provide you with the knowledge base and skills in physical, chemical, biological sciences and engineering. You'll learn how you can help protect the environment and solve problems in waste disposal, remediation and pollution prevention.