Our country has no shortage of Civil Engineering needs. This program prepares graduates who are ready to step in and help society in a major way right away in a discipline that is in demand. Students will learn about the past and present structure of building and designing of projects with the guidance of outstanding faculty. As technology changes rapidly, we bring experienced industry and government professionals into the classroom to conjure real world examples, so our students are prepared to share real world solutions.

Civil engineers are responsible for designing, constructing, managing and maintaining the physical elements of the human habitat. Almost every aspect of our day to day life is influenced by projects planned, designed and constructed by civil engineers. At Catholic University, we believe in stemming the ability of continuous learning by focusing on rigorous fundamental knowledge of engineering and basic science and challenging students to think critically and to look for innovative ideas as part of the numerous design courses students take during their junior and senior years.

Nowadays, modern technology is an inalienable part of the Civil Engineering practice, and its applications are only expected to increase in the future. We put a great emphasis on preparing students to use modern technology in their future career effectively.  Our faculty are superb, both in the classroom and in scholarship activity and often involve students in their research projects.

Our instructors are composed of full-time faculty members bringing state of the art knowledge of the field into the classroom and experienced industry and government professionals teaching the students about real world practices and challenges.

We highly encourage students to get involved in extracurricular activities including Engineers without borders, ASCE steel bridge and concrete canoe competitions among other activities.

Our graduates have been highly successful in securing careers before graduation and have had successful careers. They are particularly praised by the local construction and consulting firms.