Our program is tailored for students who have a knack for tinkering - and a moral integrity to tinker for the betterment of our world. Students will build things right on campus - including fully functional, remote-controlled aircraft. We give our mechanical engineers the choice of taking the traditional track or honing in on a skill they’re particularly passionate about, like an Aerospace Engineering Concentration.

Mechanical engineering serves humanity by solving problems and making life better, contributing to overall economic development, and protecting the environment. Broadly speaking, mechanical engineers study, design and fabricate devices and components that move and use energy (i.e., almost everything!). Some examples include automobiles, aircraft, power plants, robots, pollution control systems, environmental remediation systems, children’s toys, motors, engines, and air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Do you love to tinker, like to help people, worry about the global environment, or like to take things apart just to see how they work? Then mechanical engineering is for you.

Enjoy watching the first flight demonstration of the 2021 senior design team working on a remote contolled plane!