Civil Engineering Faculty

Lecturers and Adjuncts

Dr. Thomas J. Weaver

Dr. Yahya Aliabadizadeh

Dr. Richard Clemens Thompson

Dr. Giovanni A. Bonita

Dr. Yingwu Fang

Dr. Nina Maria Rodriguez

Dr. Long T. Phan

Dr. Barbara Marchetti

Dr. Jonathan M. Weigand

Dr. Travis Thonstad

Dr. Azadeh Keshtgar 

Dr. Bradley Guy 

Retired and Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Timothy Kao, Ph.D., P.E. 
Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Water Resources

Dr. John J. McCoy, Sc.D.,
Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Mechanics
Office: Room 310 Pangborn Hall
Tel: (202) 319-6712

Dr. Dennis McCahill
Specialty: Construction Engineering and Management

Dr. Hsien Ping (Frank) Pao
Specialty: Environmental Engineering

Dr. Michael Soteriades, P.E. 
Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Structural Engineering