Comparison of Two Series Elastic Actuator Designs Incorporated into a Shoulder Exoskeleton (pubmed linkIEEE link)

Pedbothome: Robotically-Assisted Ankle Rehabilitation System For Children With Cerebral Palsy (pubmed linkIEEE link)

An Elbow Exoskeleton for Upper Limb Rehabilitation With Series Elastic Actuator and Cable-Driven Differential (IEEE link)

Conference Presentations

2018 IEEE conference on Big Data

Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Functional Upper Extremity Use in Individuals with Stroke

Robust Classification of Functional and Nonfunctional Arm Movement after Stroke Using a Single Wrist-Worn Sensor Device

2019 International Conference on Rehab Robotics

PedBotHome: robotically-assisted ankle rehabilitation system for children with cerebral palsy

Comparison of two series elastic actuator designs incorporated into a shoulder exoskeleton

2019 International Neurorehabilitation Symposium

Efficacy of PedBot lab on strength and range of motion in children with cerebral palsy

A pilot study of the impact of PedBotHome, a game-based robot-assisted ankle therapy system, on adherence to a home exercise program by children with cerebral palsy

2019 American Society of Neurorehabilitation (ASNR)

The relation between function connectivity and clinical outcomes in adult stroke survivors undergoing exoskeleton upper limb home therapy

Effect of Visual Distortion on Limb Selections in VR

Undergraduate Student Presentations at CUA Research Day (May 2019)

Kaelin Martin presents "Activity Tracker for Stroke Rehabilitation Device"

Khue Phan presents "The Effect of Gravity Compensation and Movement Phase on Corticomuscular Coherence in Healthy Humans"