Projects D1, D2 & D3 are in the Proof of Concept stage, with D1 and D2 transitioning to Proof of Product stages in later years of the RERC.

  • A man testing an exoskeleton

    D1: Home Therapy using Robotic Exoskeletons

    D1 will develop wearable upper extremity exoskeletons that can be integrated into activities of daily living (ADL) for individuals with stroke.

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  • D2: Improving compliance with exercise to increase mobility in children with cerebral palsy

    D2 will develop an ankle-based robot combined with video games for home-based rehab of children with cerebral palsy (CP). 

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  • A diagram showing user requirement analysis, proactive assessment, usability evaluation, design, implementation, and reactive assessment.

    D3: Patient-centered Outcomes to Guide the Design and Implementation of Technology in the Home for Neurological Assessment, Therapy, and Assistance

    D3 will explore the patient and caregiver perspective on these home-based technologies and develop guidelines and best practices for how to translate all these technologies into the home.

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