Research R1, R2 & R3 are in the Exploration and Discovery stages of research.

  • A diagram showing the R1 Research

    R1: Home assessment of grasp development in infants at risk for fine motor delay

    R1 will track sensorimotor development and predict future outcomes in infants at risk for motor delay using home-based video and specially designed toys that provide novel sensory feedback.

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  • Machine Flow Diagram

    R2: Machine learning algorithms for determining functional arm use: application in stroke

    R2 will study machine learning algorithms and wrist worn accelerometry for objectively measuring the amount of functional arm use in persons with stroke.

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  • A diagram about R3 Research

    R3: Understanding mechanisms that limit the use of the more-impaired arm post-stroke

    R3 will investigate factors that affect the everyday choices made by persons with stroke to either use an impaired upper extremity or compensate with the opposite limb. This is critical to understand, as even mild stroke-related impairment, when measured in the clinic, can result in very little spontaneous functional use at home. 

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