Courses in Materials Science and Engineering are taught by full-time faculty from various departments in the schools of Engineering and Arts and Sciences, as well as by part-time lecturers and adjunct professors. Recent instructors in the program include:

  • Jandro Abot, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Andrew C. Buechele, Ph.D. Vitreous State Laboratory Scientist
  • Sugata Chowdhury, Ph.D. Lecturer
  • Lawrence P. Cook, Ph.D. Lecturer
  • Biprodas Dutta, Ph.D. Professor of Physics
  • Matt Guild, Ph.D. Lecturer
  • David A. Mckeown, Ph.D. Vitreous State Laboratory Scientist
  • John Philip, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics
  • Sergio Picozzi, Ph.D. Lecturer
  • Abhijit Sakar, Ph.D. Lecturer