Benjamin Riesett, Catholic University '24, is a Computer Science student from Middletown, Maryland. He is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Whichspot.

Briefly describe your new opportunity.

"This past year, a small group of friends and I started developing Whichspot, a social media app to help young adults find out what to do in their city and where other individuals are going. We started with a small launch in February of 2023 at Catholic University and have since expanded to Rhode Island, Clemson, Tampa, Tempe, and a few other places! We are very excited to continue to develop the app after graduation and are hopeful that one day we may be able to make a full-time career as self starters and entrepreneurs!"

How did your School of Engineering and Catholic University education help you find this career path?

"Throughout my undergraduate education, I was able to work closely with my professors to ensure I was able to grasp the material closely. Dr. Matthew Jacobs, Dr. Dominick Rizk, Dr. Hieu Bui, and so many others, were always available to meet with me and to discuss material we covered during class. Dr. Jacob's software development class helped me find my passion for creating software and gave me the proper tools to start along this path. Additionally, our senior design project allowed us to expand our app development skills and combine them with machine learning and AI, as we worked on an intuitive app to determine users' moods through facial expressions."

What activities were you involved in during undergrad?

"During undergrad I was a member of the Catholic University Honors Program, Phi-Eta-Sigma honor society, and I played guitar for a few different music performances; since I like to play as a hobby! I also drove the campus shuttle for a few years, which was a great experience and allowed me to meet students, staff, and faculty who I wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity to meet!"

What were some highlights of your time at The Catholic University of America?

"The best thing about Catholic is the people that you meet along the way. Students, staff, and faculty are all so kind and loving. Nothing is better than seeing Ms. Willie's bright face in the Pryz or walking to class and running into your friends as they head to theirs. The friendships I have made at Catholic University will carry with me for the rest of my life."

What advice do you have for students during their own job search?

"Catholic University provides a lot of opportunity to find a job post-graduation. Since I am working on building my own startup, I have not followed the traditional job search, but I strongly recommend attending the career fairs that Catholic University holds every semester and speaking to as many people as possible. Additionally, stop by the Center for Academic and Career Success, where they can help you optimize your resume and connect you with employers!"