Ryan Walczak, Catholic University '24, is a Biomedical Engineering student from Macungie, Pennsylvania. He is set to attend Naval Flight School this summer; training to be a pilot in the United States Navy.

Briefly describe your new opportunity.

"I will be reporting to Pensacola, Florida for Naval Introductory Flight Evaluation (NIFE) as part of Naval Flight School. I will be qualified as a Naval Aviator after two years of training. I hope to fly fighter jets for a career in the United States Navy."

How did your School of Engineering and Catholic University education help you find this career path?

"Studying Engineering gave me the ability and experience to identify problems, evaluate situations using analytical skills, and implement solutions. Naval Aviation is one of the most competitive and high performing careers. The School of Engineering has prepared me well to succeed in this field and continue to learn more about what engineering principles can accomplish."

What activities were you involved in during undergrad?

- Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society
- Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society
- Quality of Life + Student Engineer
- Service & Justice Immersion Program in Quito, Ecuador
- NROTC Program
- Grand Challenges Scholars Program

What were some highlights of your time at The Catholic University of America?

- "Prototyping solutions for a bilateral hand transplant patient, Eric Lund, who is an American Hero and inspiration."
- "Presenting my team's hard work at Senior Design Poster Nights."
- "University Research Day. In 2023, my team and I networked and made many connections with people and were honored as finalists for the Oral Presentation Award."
- "Traveling to Ecuador with The Office of Campus Ministry to Ecuador to learn from a diverse group of people and partake in many extraordinary service opportunities, such as creating the grounds for the foundation of a house!"
- "Being an interdisciplinary student, through diversifying my studies. I have enjoyed entrepreneurship classes, global business classes, philosophy and theology, as well as history."
- "Having the opportunity to learn Biomedical Engineering principles, while also being well versed in mechanical and electrical engineering principles as part of this strong curriculum."

What advice do you have for students during their own job search?

"Find what you are passionate about. You can't get what you don't ask for. Find what makes you competitive."