1. For each of our target groups of people with neuromotor impairments: 
    • Infants at risk for fine motor delay
    • Children with cerebral palsy (CP)
    • Adults with stroke and other neuromotor impairments of the hand
      Engage  users as partners in developing criteria to guide technology R&D as appropriate to each technology's distinct, identified home use case(s):
    • For functional restoration/rehabilitation/therapy, home task practice and exercise
    • For longitudinal monitoring and assessment at a distance
    • For functional assistance with activities of daily living (ADL)
  2. Assure that the technologies researched, designed, and developed under the RERC-DC are  aligned with the outcomes that their target users prioritize
  3.  Explore measures of both the usefulness and usability of RERC-DC technologies in the user-controlled, home environment.
A diagram showing user requirement analysis, proactive assessment, usability evaluation, design, implementation, and reactive assessment.

D3 Principal Investigator