We bring together a team of experienced engineers, scientists, clinicians, therapists and patients to address this priority through an innovative program of research, development, and training.

The team includes engineers (Peter Lum, PhD; Sang Wook Lee, PhD; Sahana Kukke, PhD; Lin-Ching Chang, PhD; Kevin Cleary, PhD; Reza Shadmehr, PhD), physicians (Alexander Dromerick, MD, Taeun Chang, MD, Olga Morozova, MD, Sally Evans, MD), scientists (Manon Schladen, PhD, Barbara Bregman, PhD) and research therapists (Rahsaan Holley, OT, Kathy Brady, PT). This RERC is a collaboration between The Catholic University of America (CUA), MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), Children's National Health System (CNHS), and Johns Hopkins University. Collectively, our group has demonstrated a commitment to rehabilitation in our target populations, individuals with centrally-mediated neurologic impairment. The proposed RERC will enable us to consolidate our respective efforts and create the new synergies needed to provide access to enabling technologies.


  • Peter Lum
    Peter Lum, Ph.D. RERC Director and Investigator