Sahana Kukke, PhD

Dr. Kukke is an Associate Research Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Catholic University of America. Her research focus is on developing methods to assess and improve functional movements in individuals with early brain injury. Dr. Kukke earned her B.S. from Northwestern University (1999), and M.S. from Case Western Reserve University (2002) in Biomedical Engineering. She earned her Ph.D. from Stanford University (2009) in Bioengineering, and completed a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Kukke has 19 years of research experience studying human sensorimotor control in various settings, including outpatient neurology and rehabilitation clinics and research laboratories at Children's National Health System, the National Institutes of Health, Stanford University, and Case Western Reserve University. She has presented her work at the annual meetings for the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Development, the Neural Control of Movement society, and the Society for Neuroscience. In addition, she has 25 peer-reviewed scientific publications on the topic of movement disorders, rehabilitation, and clinical neurophysiology. Dr. Kukke is the Principal Investigator on a Research Project entitled "Home assessment of grasp development in infants at risk for fine motor delay" in this Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center.