Dr. Lin-Ching Chang

Dr. Chang is an Associate Professor in Computer Science, Director of Computational Informatics Laboratory, and Director of Data Analytics program at the Catholic University of America. Her research spans a spectrum of disciplines including the development of computational methods and machine learning algorithms for computational neuroscience, medical image processing and analysis, big data analytics, and software engineering.

Dr. Chang’s research interests in the past 18 years focus on medical and biomedical data analysis and quantitative MR/CT image processing aiming to leverage computer power to fit theoretical analysis with experimental data. During her employment in the private sector, she has led multiple industrial projects through the software development process and gained profound knowledge of the entire software development cycle. During her career at NIH, she has designed and developed new machine learning algorithms to improve diffusion tensor estimation and to quantitatively study and learn the brain development in normal healthy children and adolescents using various MRI techniques. In the past 12 years, she has expanded her research to many other applications to force the capability of artificial intelligence to different disciplines.